Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Father Knows Best....

Last week Michael and I drove to my Dad's home in Rhode Island to pick him up and bring him back to Maine with us. He was very curious about the new property and all the changes that we were making. All week he has been coming to the house with us to inspect, watch us work and help us make decisions. Yesterday was no exception.

One of our biggest dilemmas was where we should locate the new gas fireplace. The fireplace is an essential component in the house because it will be our main source of heat. We are taking out the old oil furnace in the basement and replacing it with a wood stove. Of course we will use the wood stove as much as possible but we also need another source of heat that 
does not have to be continually maintained and does not need electricity to run. 

The old oil furnace we are taking out of the basement

Because the cottage is small, we don't need anything too big. A gas fireplace that puts out 20,000 to 30,000 BTU's should suffice rather nicely. Although the efficiency rate isn't quite as good, gas fireplaces are much prettier to look at than a typical propane heater. 
It will make a very charming and cozy addition to the cottage. 
(Note: We don't have the option of natural gas in Maine)

This is just an example of what we would like

We couldn't figure out where to locate the fireplace without taking up a lot of space. Our original thought was to install it in the corner of the new living room but for practical reasons it 
just didn't work there. 
My Dad listened to all of our ideas and then politely interrupted us.
 "How about placing it between the two windows and building a box outside, to house the back of the unit so it won't stick into the room so far?" 
We just looked at each other and smiled. Brilliant idea! Why didn't we think of that? 
And so....thanks to Dad, our new gas fireplace will be installed on the wall between the two windows leaving plenty of space for a couch, table and chairs.
Father knows best!

My Dad points to where the fireplace will be located. 
(That door on the left will become a window) Can you picture it?

Have a beautiful day!

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