Thursday, May 8, 2014

Beautiful Spring Days

Hello Friends,

I am so sorry it has taken me so long to write again. My brain is still so foggy and difficult for me to read and concentrate. I am not even able to speak or spell very well but I am hoping that things will get better and I will regain my strength...and normal life.

Here in Maine "spring" is just beautiful and I am enjoying as much outside as I can. My son Tim is helping to work at the house as much as possible to get the yard in tip-top shape.

The beginning of Spring at Catch Meadow Cottage!

Here is my terrific son Tim and his lovely sweetheart Katie, with their dog Betty! 

Three weeks ago my friend Bobby came to visit me from Connecticut. I treated him to an Owls Head Transportation Museum exhibit of old boats, cars, trains, planes and motorcycles.

Here's Bobby meeting with a local moose celebrity!

Here I am checking out all the old contraptions.

We had so much fun and I loved getting to know Bobby again after thirty-five years of NEVER seeing or talking to one another! It has been so great catching up. 

After the museum, I took him to visit a lighthouse and a beautiful beach.


 He has been such a dear friend during this time of tough, medical issues. I feel so cared for to have him in my life again. Even when we only see each other once in a great while, Bobby always finds the time to call, console or check on me, making sure that I am strong, healthy and happy. I feel very blessed indeed!

                                                                                           Thank you my dear friend.