Monday, August 13, 2012

Miscellaneous Joy!

On Friday I took my Dad to the place he enjoys visiting the most when he is in Maine....the heavenly studio of the BEST Massage Therapist in Maine... and possibly the world! Becca Swan is truly a remarkable healer and her studio is like no other. Nestled in the woods next to a stream, the little cottage studio is an idyllic sanctuary and plays almost as important a role in healing, as does Becca. While waiting for my Dad, I love to wander around the flower gardens, sit on a rock wall and play the slate xylophone or stroll along the meandering brook. The trickling sound of water, the deep bong of the chimes hanging in the tree and the songs of woodland birds, make it one of the most peaceful places I know. I can't wait to have my massage.

                                                            Needless to say, we love Becca. 

 On Saturday morning, although rainy and wet, the patio doors and windows were delivered! We were so excited to see them but when we carried them all inside, there was barely any room to move around in the small cottage.

While the windows were being unloaded, my Dad and I quickly drove to a local thrift store where we had gone the day before. I had seen a half-round window for $49.00 and knew it was a good deal but wasn't yet sure where it could go. I thought about it all night and in the morning decided it was worth taking the chance and getting it.

                                                                           Exterior Side
                                                                               Interior Side

Before leaving, I called the shop to make sure the window was still there and when we arrived, I happily discovered they had marked the window down to $24.00! I was so delighted. I brought it home, not sure what Michael would think but luckily he thought it was a terrific find and suggested we put it above the front door in the overhang and close it in. With decorative shingles around it, I think it will look fantastic!

                                                    Temporarily placed to give us an idea 

After a long day of work on Saturday, Michael and I washed up and raced out the door at 4:30 to our friends rental lodge. They were visiting Maine with their three young boys from Florida and needed a babysitter so they could attend a class reunion. We happily offered. It's not very often anymore that we get the chance to spend time with little ones and we miss it.

Armed with sidewalk chalk, a live snake, cardboard boxes and a soccer ball, we felt ready and prepared. I am a former children's librarian and day-care owner while Michael is himself, a father of 3 boys. Nothin' to it we thought...except we forgot how much energy it actually takes to care for children...especially healthy, active boys! Honestly though, these were the most polite and well mannered boys we had ever spent time with...but they were still active and we arrived tired.

                                    Budding Artists (Michael still builds houses even with chalk!)

                  Looking for worms to feed the snake (which the boys loved and fondly named Joe)

After leaving their place at 12:30 A.M., we were beyond exhausted. So Sunday was spent relaxing and gathering our energy for Monday...the big window install and tree pruning day!

Stay tuned...

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