Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Out And About With Dad

It was a bright, shiny day yesterday and the air seemed a lot less humid...a perfect day for my Dad and I to visit the local Farm Market to stock up on some freshly picked vegetables. Beth's Farm Market located in Warren, Maine is always a fun and colorful place to stop.

                                                Sweet juicy melons warmed in the Maine sun.

                  One free gladiola with each purchase...                           and a free apple to sample too!

                            Who can resist buying all these beautiful, locally grown vegetables?

We just had to bring home some sunflowers!

After we got home and made a nice lunch, I set out to Catch Meadow Cottage for a little walk in the meadow. I discovered thousands of berries growing on the ground. They are called Northern Dewberry and are closely related to the common Blackberry.

                                                   Here they are in different stages of ripeness. 

 Instead of growing on tall canes like blackberries do, they grow along the ground on vines. The leaves almost look like Virginia Creeper. Once the berries turn black, they are quite delicious. I have never seen so many growing in one place before. I am going to see if I can cultivate them by training them to grow on small trellises.

                                                                  Have a "berry" nice day!

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