Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Birthday Blessings!

I celebrated my birthday over the weekend and had a wonderful day! My daughter Bekah sent me the most beautiful bouquet of spring flowers as a gift from Colorado. I miss her so much but we got to talk for a long while.      

Lucky for me, my son Tim spent the entire day with me. 

We went shopping, enjoyed a delicious lunch in town, took a long walk around a breezy, ocean point and ate a homemade corned-beef and cabbage dinner. Later we took a walk to the new home Tim is buying. He just went under contract the other day and his home is only three houses up from mine. Talk about a Mom's dream!!! 

Tim is really excited too. He'll have 2.5 acres of lawn, woods and even a stream. He will also enjoy a three bedroom home with two baths and a two car garage. I'm so proud of him (and envious because I don't even have a garage!). We live on a dead end road. At the end of the road is a woodsy path that leads right to the Vineyard where he works as the property manager. He'll be able to walk to work or snowmobile and snow-shoe there in the winter if he wants.

Here is the backyard.

Here is a sweet little greenhouse on his new property. 
There is also a small barn which you can't see in this photo.


                                              This is the dining room with lovely wood floors.

                          After dinner Tim surprised me with two adorable cupcakes he brought. 

                                                             With lit candles of course!

Such a terrific Birthday I had. I am a very lucky Mom!

In this photo you can see where I set up a temporary office in my bedroom. I placed the birthday flowers that Bekah sent me, on my desk to add a little color and scent to the room. In the spring when I can finally open all the windows and doors, I'll paint the walls, hang the drapes, lay down new rugs and create a comfortable sitting area. It works nicely for now though.

It's really snowing again today. We are supposed to get 10 to 16 inches before the storm ends tomorrow morning. And to think that yesterday I was out pruning and cleaning all the blackberry canes. I have high hopes for spring! Hope you do too.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Forcing Spring To Come Early

I couldn't resist! I had to clip some forsythias from the yard last week and within days they burst into color inside the warm cottage. The bare branches bloomed with such beautiful yellow flowers that I think I will clip new twigs and do it once more. They won't bloom outside for another month so this allows me to have a little spring before its time! 

                             Notice how the leaves pooped out after all the buds blossomed. 

I am hoping I can root each branch and plant them all around the yard 
when the soil gets warmer this spring.