Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Cupboards Come Down

                 Happy 4th of July everyone! This summer is just flying by.

So much happened yesterday. We continued mowing the large lawn around the house, which is taking a long time because the grass is so high. We do a little bit at a time.

               Michael took down the rest of the walls in the bedroom with the help of his son Matthew. 

      He also took out a window and installed planks so we can walk right out to the dumpster.

Michael then installed a piece of plywood with hinges so we can lock the place up 
when we leave at night. We just slide the planks in and close the door. Genius!

     Matthew ripped out all the rugs and pads in the living room and dining area as well as the hallway.

After that, we moved the clean refrigerator down to the basement and then started to tear out the cupboards and range from the kitchen. 

                                                 We found a bit of a mess under the range.

We'll reuse the cupboards in the new kitchen after they are cleaned, sanded and painted. The cupboards are still in good condition and it will help save a lot of money. The half-wall you see in this photo and the sink base will probably come out next. The door is also going to be removed and a window will go in it's place. 

This is the wall where we will put the range in the new kitchen. We just wanted to see what it will look like so we put them there temporarily. The upper cupboards will also be installed above the range. 
The light in this room is just lovely. It will make a great kitchen space.

At the end of the day, I walked around the property just to look at all the beautiful plants and 
trees growing there. 

This is a magnificent old Walnut tree growing just outside the house. Very rare to see one of these in Maine so I am going to take very good care of it. 
The ladder and line will come down soon.

Although they look like sumac, I found a small grove of young walnut trees growing at the edge of the meadow. I think they are small enough to dig up and transplant around the property. A squirrel must have buried the walnuts in that place a few years ago and they all grew up. 
How lucky for us that he forgot about them!