Thursday, August 30, 2012

Changing Direction

It's been another busy week at Catch Meadow Cottage. I spent a lot of time outside, cleaning up scraps of wood and hauling them off to the burn piles. We have three separate piles going. One pile for brush, one for scraps and one for "maybe burn - maybe keep". 

If you recall, the yard looked like this on Sunday morning...

Now it looks like this!

The roosters kept me company the whole time I was working...they even came in the house at one point when I left the doors open.

When Michael arrived on Monday morning, the place was clean and tidy, inside and out...
thanks to my buddies and me.

Monday morning was quite rainy so Michael decided to start tearing out the cellar stairway 
while I gave my dear friend Abby, a tour of the place. 

                    Originally the stairs were heading down to the cellar from the living room area

                 Now they have changed direction and are heading down from the new entry way

                                Young Michael heads back to Architectural School this week.
                                          (His 3rd year at Wentworth College in Boston)
                                      We sure will miss him. He's been such a great help.

                                                Here he is helping build the new staircase. 

This was the direction of the stairs in the cellar before they were changed.
They used to end right at the wall.

Now they turn in the opposite direction, come to a platform and turn to the right. Michael designed it that way because of the large metal beam running across the basement ceiling.  

Ooh, so nice. Michael made sure we would have plenty of head room when coming down the stairs.

Perhaps next year we'll begin work on the basement....if we're not too tired...or broke!

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