Monday, July 2, 2012

A Busy Monday

Today we had a dumpster delivered and we got our new lawn tractor...all before 9:00 am! We've already started to fill the dumpster with the trash left on the property and then we'll fill it with debris from the renovations.
                                                   Michael takes the new tractor for a spin.

The dumpster

Michael mowed part of the lawn today while I collected lots of pots I found discarded in the woods. I'm going to dig up all the lovely perennials on the property and create new gardens with them, after we finish the exterior repairs on the house of course.

Here I am, getting to know the new tractor.

The pots I collected.

After we worked in the yard, we started to take down the ceiling and walls in the master bedroom. You can see the insulation in the attic before we took down the ceiling. We were very happy to see how well insulated it was. We'll keep the batts of insulation and reuse them in the new ceiling.

                                 Here Michael is taking down the wall between the two bedrooms.

Lastly, I started to clean an old refrigerator that was left in the house. We'll use it in the cellar for storing food while we renovate. It was so dirty, but after hours of cleaning, it's starting to look new again. I found an old spiritual book tucked in the back of the fridge. I hope it's a good omen!

The day ended with a beautiful rain storm that swept across the meadow.