Friday, August 17, 2012

A Real Metamorphosis!

So many things have changed this week that I just don't know where to begin! Hmmmm, I guess I'll start where I left off...with the window installation. After the window delivery, Michael set right to work to get the windows installed. He started by wrapping the southeast side of the house with TYPAR weather protection. (EBS is our local hardware store.) This was the side of the house that originally had no windows. This whole side is the new master bedroom.

                                                          First the right window

                                                                  Then the left window

After looking at many different styles and brands of windows, we finally decided on an Andersen vinyl window which is sold under the name of American Craftsman. We would have loved to go with a wood frame window but we are trying to minimize future work by not having to paint. We also chose windows that tilt in and have the grills within the glass  for easy cleaning. These windows were also on sale, which saved us a small fortune. I love how the grills change the entire look of the house.

                                Once that was done Michael installed the front side window.

The next window to be installed was the top accent window. This was very scary for me to watch when Michael had to come very close to the electric wires while installing the window.

 I don't recommend this ever! Michael worked as an electrician for years so he has experience working around wires but still, that was no comfort to me. We weren't able to get our electric company to come out in time to wrap the wires for this project but I sure hope they make it before we shingle.

                                                       We are so happy with the new look!
                             A real metamorphosis happening on the house... and in the meadow.
                                 I took all these shots right in our own meadow the other day.

                                                                       Enjoy your day!

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