Monday, August 6, 2012

Pop Goes The Window

Despite the heavy humidity that hung over us like a wet wool blanket, we continued to trudge through the weekend making considerable progress on the cottage. Michael and his son Matt pulled all the sheet rock off the walls in the new kitchen and living room while I gathered up garbage that had been strewn around the property from the previous owners.

                          This is a view into the new living room. That door will become a window.

                                                        This is a view into the new kitchen.

Here is just some of the garbage I was able to collect from around the property. 
The dumpster is completely full now and must be hauled off soon. 

                 Matt had to remove all the old sheetrock screws before we can hang new sheetrock.

After all this was done, Michael framed out the new windows in the master bedroom.

                                                               It went rather quickly...

When we went outside, however, we found a different situation. When Michael cut away the clapboards where the windows were to go, he discovered that the boards had been attached with large headed ring nails instead of nails with smaller heads. The smaller nails would have been much easier to pull out. The dry, brittle clapboards did not stand a chance and broke with every yank. We realized we would not be able to reuse them. We also found that the weather protection underneath the siding, was just paper and had suffered a lot of water exposure. It all has to be removed and new weather protection applied. We have decided to cedar shingle the entire house. Michael was not pleased but secretly I was thrilled. I love shingled houses.    

                      I know it looks a bit odd but the cuts are much larger than the actual window size.

       I thought we would end there for the day because it was so hot but Michael got excited. He really
               wanted to see what it would like with the actual window opening. The man is a machine!
                                                           He just never stops. Lucky for me!

                                                                  Pop Goes The Window!

                                                     Two new windows in the bedroom!

                                                   The house looks happy now, don't you think?

                                       Michael looks happy too...I finally convinced him to stop.

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