Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Rooster Ramblings

Good Morning Everyone. It's a bright sunny day today and the birds are singing like it's spring! There are no less than 10 bluejays at the feeders right now, and a couple of very rambunctious red squirrels.
We had heavy rain after the big blizzard so a lot of the snow was washed away, but there is still quite a bit covering the ground. 

Here is the lake just down the road. You can see how high the snow is on top of the lake. 

This is one of the paths I shoveled around the cottage. As you can see, siding still has to be applied to some of the exterior. The Typar has held up very well, despite the high winds of winter.

The deep snow has not deterred the roosters from stopping by to beg for food. They discovered that they can just fly over from across the road. They are truly free-range roosters. They have no coop, but rather perch themselves in a large pine tree each night, and find food where they can. I can't imagine how they survived the storm but they look healthier, and stronger than ever!

This is the "Rooster Rock". It's perfectly cupped to form a feeder in the warm sun.
I have named this rooster Romulus and the other Remus. They are each very true to their namesake. Romulus is much more assertive and daring, while Remus is less of a risk taker, but far more friendly.  

He is exquisite don't you think?

                                    His fire red feathers light up against the stark white snow.

                                          After he finished his feast of black-oil sunflower seeds, 
                                he thanked me by posing for several minutes before flying off.

                                                            Have a fabulous day!

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