Saturday, February 9, 2013

Back With The Blizzard!

Hello again everyone! I'm so sorry to have taken so long getting back on the blog. Fighting the flu, hunting for a job, and handling other life issues has thrown me off a little this month. Besides that, the winter temperatures have been hovering close to zero for the last month so I must confess, my enthusiasm for taking outdoor photos has definitely been waning.

Today, however, I felt compelled to snap some shots. We have been experiencing a blizzard for the last two days, which is like no other I have witnessed in my 27 years of living in Maine! The snowfall is well over 3 feet now, and as of 3:15 P.M., it still shows no signs of letting up. I thought I would share some photos with you just to give you an idea.

                                             Here is the meadow at one of it's clear moments.

  Here is my car which will take hours to dig out once things calm down
  Notice you can't see the driveway to the left (even though it's been plowed two times already).

The apple trees in the front yard look like bushes because the snow is so high.

    Inside the cottage, it has stayed warm and cozy. This photo was taken the day before the blizzard hit. 
        Pots of tea, butterscotch brownies, and a nice warm fire have gotten me through the storm.

I feel badly for the birds, but they seem to be faring well, 
even with the howling winds, and heavy snow.

                               May you keep safe, and warm during the next few weeks of winter.

                      Thanks to all my friends, and family who encouraged me to continue to write 
                                           during these last few weeks. I am so grateful.

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