Monday, December 10, 2012

I'm All Moved In!

Finally...I'm all moved in! There is much unpacking and organizing to do, but I'm here in the cottage. I honestly think it was one of the best, and happiest nights of my life. After Michael helped me unloaded everything, I hung the curtains, a.k.a. sheets, and he had the great idea of running to the store to buy a bottle of champagne. I furiously rummaged through boxes, looking for glasses, finding them just as he walked through the door with the bottle.

                                                                         I'm Finally Home.

We toasted, laughed, congratulated each other on a job well done and then I heard what could only be coyotes howling just outside the cottage. We ran to the door, and cracked it open just enough to hear them sing. Oh, it was a wonderful concert indeed. It was a song of welcome, and I felt right at home.

                                                                            A toast!

                      Afterward, Michael headed back to Friendship to start yet another new job.
                         He did an amazing job here and I was glad to have his help and expertise.                  


  1. CONGRATS!!!!!! ... may you have many years of wonderful memories.

    xo- Christine and KJ

    1. Thanks so much Chris and KJ. We're really excited! Hope you have a beautiful Holiday.
      Carole and Michael


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