Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Coyote Comes to Call

Two days ago, as I was washing the windows in the kitchen around 9:00 in the morning,  I spotted a coyote in the meadow. Her coloring blended in so well with the milkweed stalks that I barely noticed her standing there.

What gave her away, however, was the way she awkwardly hobbled along when she finally did move. Usually coyotes slither through the trees or grass, going completely unnoticed. She was clearly injured, and had difficulty getting around quickly. Her left paw seemed broken, as she favored it and put no weight on it. I did not see any cuts so I knew she had not been caught in a trap. 

She seemed alert, well fed and healthy so I imagine it was a recent injury, perhaps kicked while chasing a deer. I am not sure what will become of her, but I will keep a watchful eye for her return.

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