Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sheetrock He"art"

Things are going quite quickly now and the cottage is starting to look like a home! The sheetrock has made all the difference. Josh has been at the cottage for three days taping and mudding the seams. You would think that taping and mudding would be boring but Josh is so entertaining to watch. With his metal stilts strapped to his legs, he whirls around like a graceful dancer, artfully swiping clumps of mud onto the wall and then skimming it off to a fine, smooth finish. I don't think much sanding will be required at all. He is so fast and precise, it is like watching an artist painting a blank canvas.

Michael decided to have a little artistic fun for himself yesterday and carved a heart in the sheetrock where the attic door will eventually be. 

Michael's son Marshal helped install and paint the bedroom ceiling boards.

Here is the front entryway all sheetrocked. We installed a beam last week.

                                                                    Here is the bathroom....

                                                                    And the living room....

                           And the basement where the water filtration system was set up.

The fall chill has begun to settle on the meadow. The colorful box elder of which I posted a picture last week, has dropped all its leaves and the pines near the house have shed their needles.

Autumn is at its peak here in Mid-Coast Maine and then comes winter 
but, I'll soon have a cozy cottage to snuggle up in. 


  1. Amazing transformation. Keep up the great work Michael and keep those photos coming Carole. Artists at work!!!

    1. Thanks so much. We're glad you're taking the journey with us!


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