Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Autumn Blooms

While we wait for the sheetrock mud to dry so we can begin sanding, we have been doing other things to get the house ready. I have been painting all the insides of the kitchen cupboards while Michael is getting the area ready to install them. 

This is where the base cupboards will go in the kitchen. 

   The on-demand, gas hot-water heater, was installed yesterday by our wonderful plumber and friend, Paul Pierce.

To get away from the paint fumes and dust, I sneak outside a few times a day just to enjoy the lovely autumn flowers that are still blooming in the cottage gardens.

This is a flower called Toad Lily. It looks as though I splattered paint on it's petals. I believe it is named after a "toad" because the spots are very similar to those found on the little amphibians. It is such an exotic looking flower and usually grows in shady gardens.

               Another flower which blooms in the fall is Turtlehead. It too likes shady spots and is such 
                                    a delight to find quietly blooming among the falling leaves.

Because I had never seen this flower before, I had to do some research to find out what it was. All summer long it had the most beautiful magenta foliage and was perfect to use as a background in flower arrangements. This past week, however, these small white clusters burst open and a stunning array of blooms appeared. After leafing through all my books and then searching online, I am fairly confident that this is Japanese Honeywort otherwise known as Japanese Parsley. I did not find much information on it at all so it must be rather rare. I imagine it would make a very nice dried flower. I will give it a try and let you know.

The Bittersweet is in it's glory now. Although it consumes anything it climbs, thus suffocating its host, it is nonetheless, a breathtaking display of golden yellow in autumn. I suppose, because of this, 
it is very aptly named. 

 Yesterday, when I returned home to my loft apartment and sat down to read, I heard a terrible thunk against the window. I knew instantly that a bird had flown into it and must be laying outside on the balcony somewhere. There in the chilly air, a Wood Warbler lay motionless far below. Thinking he was dead after such a hard hit and a long fall, I said a little prayer for him and ran down to pick him up.
I was so surprised when he moved in my hand.

I quickly brought him in, and placed him in one of the nests I had collected from the woods. He was in shock, but alive. I put him under the light to keep him warm and after an hour or so, he began to shuffle and squirm.

I put the nest and the bird in a clay pot and carried it outside. A few minutes later, the little Wood Warbler looked up at me as if to say thank you, and then flew off. What a wonderful way to end my day!

                                                I hope you will have a heartwarming day today!

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