Friday, October 12, 2012

Everything......And The Kitchen Sink

On Wednesday Michael installed the kitchen sink and some of the base cupboards. I really wanted a farm sink because I love the depth and the old-fashioned look. These types of sinks are quite pricey  
  but after a good bit of research, I was able to find a great deal, which knocked several hundred dollars off the regular price. The sink we purchased, is a Pegasus product and is made out of a very thick and sturdy fire-clay. It is covered with a resilient, white porcelain finish.  The weight is quite substantial so  
Michael had to build a custom cabinet to support it. How nice it will be to stand in front of this sink and look out at the beautiful meadow.  

We decided to use as many of the cupboards that were originally in the house, as well as purchase similar ones from our local Habitat For Humanity Restore and big-box hardware store. We have been sanding them and painting the insides with primer and soon we will paint the exteriors with a durable white marine paint.  

                                                Here are a few close-ups of the farm sink.

I just had to include a few photos I took within the last two days. This is a little pond that sits just at the bottom of our road. It takes about five minutes to walk to it from the cottage. It's a wonderful place to kayak, canoe, swim and fish. In the winter, Michael and the boys ice fish here.

                                              This is a lovely autumn view of the meadow.

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