Monday, October 29, 2012


Remember a few weeks ago when Michael cut the heart out in the bedroom wall sheetrock? It was a sweet gesture but it certainly wasn't meant to stay that way. When we tore out the original two bedrooms and created the master bedroom with a cathedral ceiling, I decided to create a large attic space as well. Michael offered to build a quaint, little attic door and quickly designed one using some old barn boards he had salvaged from a previous job. 

                       He cut the barn boards and built the door using clamps and a plywood backing. 

                    Then he cut the boards to make the trim, and nailed them around the doorway.

                 After that, Michael installed the door reusing old hinges on the inside of the door.

  Michael offered a bunch of antique pieces he found in an old basement. He thought he could use them on the door.

There was a copper window panel that probably came off a lantern, some iron strap hinges and a brass door pull.

                                                         He attached them all to the door.

Ooh, it looks like a little gnome is about to open the door and pop his head out. I love, love, love it! 
  Michael is such a creative carpenter.
                                 This is how the door looks from across the room. What do you think? 

                By the way, all those holes you see in the beams will be filled with hand-carved pegs.

                        If I don't lose power tomorrow, I'll write about the window and door trim!
                                              I do hope you will be safe throughout the storm.

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