Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trim On A Whim

A few weeks ago I visited our local Habitat For Humanity Restore and not only did I find my new bathroom lights (which I'll share about next week), but I also found some wooden rosettes which I just couldn't pass up! Initially I had no intention of adding rosettes to the trim but after paying only ten cents a piece for them, why wouldn't I? After removing and then reusing the existing trim, I felt the rosettes would dress up the trim around all the windows and doors.

                                                                 First I primed each rosette....

 And then after pulling all the nails from the trim, I sanded and primed each piece.

                       This is how each window looks with the rosettes and the reused trim. 
                                               Michael made each sill from new poplar wood.

                                    Here is a close-up. Now I just have to fill the holes and paint it all!

            Happy Halloween!

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