Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Let The Painting Begin.....

Yesterday marked the first day of painting! We need to get the trim nearest to the roof line painted so it will be ready for us when Michael starts to strip and shingle the roof. In this picture you can see why the roof needs work. It's pretty bad and leaks in some spots. We're going to install a skylight in the bathroom that has no window...right around where that vent is in the photo.

Another issue is that the entire house is covered with little Christmas lights. They are stapled onto the trim every few inches. Before painting, all the lights have to be stripped off and the staples have to be pulled out. Not fun!

We started on this side of the house because we wanted to get to the highest peaks first and work our way around. Michael had to remove the security light seen in the first photo but also work around the electric wires. I felt better when he was down on ground level.

On this side of the house we are going to install two regular size windows and one small cottage window at the peak. This is the side where the master bedroom is located and we are going to have cathedral ceilings in the bedroom so the window at the peak will offer a little more light and interest.

                  Today my project is to pick up the new paint colors and research the windows. We decided on the house, trim and door color but we are still undecided about the shutter color.
Here they are. What do you think?

                   We thought about this for the shutters but I think we're going to end up going with white.

                           These are the colors for the front door (Waterscape) and house (Rice Grain)
                                                                 The trim will all be white.

This is the photo we found online and has stood as an inspiration for our color choices. 
This house doesn't have shutters but it's simple, clean, happy and airy. 

                                                                 Wish me luck!

P.S. Later this evening, look what I stumbled upon while on Pinterest searching for shutter colors...The same house but WITH shutters! Hmmmm..I'm so glad we have this as a comparison. Thanks to the homeowners and hiya papaya© for allowing us to use these photos in this blog.

My excursion to the paint store did not go very well today. When I returned home and tested the paint  on the house, the colors we chose were very wrong. (I did find a perfectly wonderful door today but more on that another day.) First the paint!

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