Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Surrounded By Flowers

About a year ago I was told by a psychic that I would sell my house (Beechwood Place) and buy a small cottage in a field, surrounded by flowers. I was so excited to hear this and am happy to report that it seems things are falling into place, just as she said they would.

I received a call last night from Michael's mother saying she was going to start simplifying her life because she is getting older. She isn't able to keep up with her gardens like she used to and wants to clear things out. She offered me many of her plants and flowers and without hesitation, I said yes. I can't dig them up until the fall of course, when things calm down a bit and I have a place to put them but I am delighted to think I will have more flowers at the new cottage. She has the most beautiful Butterfly Bush I have ever seen, especially in Maine where they don't seem to do as well. I will have to find the perfect spot for it.

                                                     A fresh bouquet picked from the cottage yard.

I do already have some gorgeous flowers blooming all over the property and yesterday I picked a lovely bouquet. There is a large stand of magenta colored Bee Balm (Monarda) and bright yellow Heliopsis in the yard. There are white and pink Cone Flowers (Echinecea) and Gay Feather (Liatris) as well as Whorled Loosestrife (Lysimachia quadrifolia). Of course the wild Queen Anne's Lace and the Heliotrope abound. I added some sprigs of spearmint to the bouquet and the mingled fragrance fills the house.

                   This is the stand of magenta Bee Balm with white Heliotrope in the background.

                                                        Have a beautiful, flower filled day!

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