Monday, July 16, 2012

Friendship Fun!

Today the blog is not about the cottage. We took the weekend off from working on the place to enjoy some family time in Friendship. Saturday morning started at 4:15 AM when Michael and his son Matt, climbed aboard the lobster boat of Michael's nephew Chad. They headed out to deeper water to catch some lobsters. We planned a big family picnic at Michael's house for the day and we wanted to make sure there were plenty of fresh lobsters for everyone.

Here are some photos Matt took of the trip. He's such a good photographer!

After returning from their trip and catching thirty lobsters, they also picked up 20lbs of steamers. This is just a few of them after they were cooked.

We were all celebrating the July birthdays of my daughter Bekah and Michael. Bekah is visiting from 
Chicago so we don't get to see her very often. It's been such a nice treat having her home.

         We feasted with friends and family.

This is Bekah's Dad, David and Stepmom Allyson.

And this is my handsome son Tim, Bekah's brother.

Fun was had by all!

                                            This is Michael Jr. and his lovely girlfriend Shyann

                                                               Out for a kayak ride...

And a swim...

     Target shooting...Shyann is a real sharpshooter.

Matt loves to jump from high places.

Bekah's friend Jessie and her fiance Andrea from Italy enjoying his first ice cream cake

Matt fishing... his passion

This is Bekah making her birthday wish..."That Mom would never wear those pants again!" 
(They were a gift from Tim when he went to Ecuador...great to wear after swimming). 

                           Michael blew the candles out before Bekah could. She doesn't get her wish...
                                                                           I'm keeping the pants!

There was even a Mermaid sighting at sunset!

                                                                      To end a perfect day,
                                              Michael and the boys lit up the sky with Fireworks! 

   Happy Birthday Bekah and Michael!

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