Friday, July 13, 2012

Free The Tree!

It was hot, hot, hot yesterday and we didn't get to the cottage until almost 2:00 PM. I say we, because Michael came back after finishing up a construction project he was working on elsewhere.
He was determined to get his new chain saw fired up and knew exactly where he would cut first.

In the  front of the cottage there are two large Mugo Pines that for some reason were planted in a direct line with the front door. It honestly felt like these huge bushes were blocking all the flow and energy of the house. Even so, it was a very difficult decision for us to cut down at least one of the bushes. Mugo pines don't usually grow this large. Our minds were made up, however, when Michael realized a beautiful Black Walnut grew right in the midst of the bush. This tree, if left within the bush, would surely die and be lost soon. Walnut trees don't do well if crowded by other trees or plants. We felt that if we freed the tree, it would eventually grow into a very large and beautiful shade tree.

And so the cutting began....

Wow! What a difference! All of a sudden we could feel a breeze come off the meadow and across the front of the house. The tree could breathe and the house could breathe. With that flow of air though, we realized that the tree had to be secured because it swayed and bent even in a light breeze. Strong wind would surely pull it right out of the ground. The trunk was very weak from being supported so long by the branches of the bush. With rope and metal stakes, we secured the tree.

Once we stepped back and looked at it, it was as though the bush had never been there. It looked as if  we had gone off and purchased the tree and planted it in that spot. We were absolutely positive we had done the right thing by cutting the bush away to free the tree! 

I did save all the pine cones I could from the Mugo Pine. I will use them this Christmas in honor of the bush that gave up it's life to save another. 

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