Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Good Trails Make Good Neighbors

We have had quite an interesting winter this year. Almost every weekend a blizzard or significant snowfall has accompanied it. Luckily we have also had a lot of sunshine, so although the temperatures have been very low, the warmth of the sun makes it pleasant weather to be outside. As I mentioned in earlier posts, local snowmobile enthusiasts cut through the meadow on their sleds as they make their way on miles of trails through woods and fields. I really enjoy watching them whiz by each day and am so glad to know that they finally have a good, snowy winter to enjoy this sport. Last year there was no snow to speak of and they were not able to ride.

I don't own a snowmobile but do enjoy the quiet sport of cross-country skiing. I get out whenever I can but more than anything, I love walking. Unfortunately it is tough to walk on the roads without sidewalks and nearly impossible in the deep snow in the meadow. One morning, however, I was thrilled to wake up and look out the window to see someone on his snowmobile slowly making a loop around the entire meadow! Three times he made his way around, padding down a smooth path. After he was done, he looked up and waved as if saying, "Here you go...enjoy!' Snowmobilers just stay on the straight path across the meadow so I knew he was doing this for my sake. From the distance I couldn't recognize who it was, but I couldn't wait to get out and walk the new trail.  

What a treat it was to be out walking in the sunshine, without worrying about cars, or noise or slipping on ice. I was so happy I wanted to thank him but I didn't know who he was. As I walked, a poem came into my head and I suddenly had a great idea! 

I ran home and found a flat piece of painted wood. With an indelible marker, I scribbled the poem onto the board, screwed a post on the back of it and walked down to the head of the trail.  Pounding the post into the deep snow, I was satisfied to know that the mystery man would eventually see the sign and know how grateful I was for what he did.

Every day since the trail was created, I have had the pleasure of going out for a leisurely stroll around the meadow in the middle of winter! The snowmobilers are polite and respectful and never venture onto the walking path. They enjoy their path and I enjoy mine. I believe he made the walking trail to say thank you for allowing the snowmobilers to ride across the meadow. It's an ideal compromise and although I still don't know who the mystery trailblazer is, I do know he was a very wise and thoughtful neighbor. 

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