Monday, February 25, 2013

A Peek Inside The Cottage

Well, another big snow storm hit here this weekend. I think it must be a record with three or four snowy weekends in a row. It really was beautiful though. I took a long walk around the meadow yesterday and then headed into the woods. The only sounds I could hear were the snowflakes as they fell on the branches above my head. It felt like a paradise. On Saturday I attended a lecture about Bolete mushrooms. It's quite early to even talk about harvesting mushrooms, but it certainly gave me something to look forward to this spring. 

Something else I look forward to this spring is painting and decorating inside the cottage. With all the windows and doors closed, I don't dare paint anything for fear of the fumes. There is still much to be done in the cottage, like the stone fireplace surround, electric hookups, tightening up seams in the walls and ceilings and installing window treatments. To be honest, I seem to have shut down. I have no inspiration to do much of anything right now, and I am hoping that it is simply a natural form of hibernation or respite from the non-stop renovations. The only thing I found the gumption to do, was to move furniture around the cottage last week. I plan on selling most of the stuff at a yard sale this spring, but or now I will use what I have. I thought I would share with you bits and pieces of some of the rooms. 

Here is the living room. Notice the fireplace is still in need of a mantle and stone surround.
The shutters are just leaning on the windows. I still need to paint the walls, hang curtains and put up some art. The recliner will eventually be moved downstairs when I make a den there and the hutch is temporarily tucked in the corner.

 I took the rug off the floor because it matched nothing in the living room. It will take time and money to get things that I want, but for now it works for me. Basically everything is temporary.

Here is a photo of the kitchen. I traded out the tall hutch that was in the center, for a table and chairs. 
It's not perfect but it takes up less space than the hutch. 

Here is one end of the bedroom. I set up my office space on this end and moved the bed from the center of the room to the other end facing the french doors. It opened up the room and made it much more spacious. Most of the furniture will be sold but that chandelier will eventually be hung in the center of the ceiling. A new rug, new drapes and new paint will really make this bedroom look pulled together.

I found this chandelier at a thrift shop for $14.00 last year. I put new covers on each candle and will soon have an electrician hang it in the bedroom for me. This piece was hand-forged in the U.S. and has genuine classic crystals hanging from it. 

                                          I just saw the first male cardinal come to the feeder this week. 
                                              Now his female partner visits with him each day. 

                                                                               Enjoy your day!

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