Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Blue Lamp

work on Catch Meadow Cottage is progressing very nicely. Michael had to start a full-time building project back in Friendship again, so he is only able to work at the Cottage on weekends or rainy days. Consequently, the work has slowed down a little, but not too badly. I have been sanding and painting every day for the last two weeks. 

I wanted to share with you some photos of the progress, but first I thought you might like to see what I bought yesterday at a rummage sale. Stuffed under one of the tables at the sale, I noticed a cardboard box and in the box I saw a bit of blue glass sticking out. When I moved aside some of the bubble wrap, I spied the most beautiful hanging lamp! Made of solid brass, this stunning lamp looked to be well over 100 years old. The cloth covered wiring testifies to that. I am sure it came out of a lovely old home somewhere in Maine. I snatched up the box and asked one of the ladies how much the lamp was. "$15.00" was the reply and I immediately said, "I'll take it!"
It will look gorgeous hanging in the front entry of the cottage. Just look at the intricate detail in the brass. The thick blue glass has milky veins running through it and is undoubtedly original to the lamp.

 The new fridge and dishwasher arrived last week. I stained and polyurethaned the floor beneath, before we set the appliances on top (after it dried of course). We will continue with the rest of the floors this week. All the plumbing was finished up yesterday, so I now have running water and a toilet! In this photo you can see the new appliances. The metal island is not staying in the kitchen. I have just been using it as a temporary work station. An old table I have been saving to use as an island, will go there instead. All the cupboards still have to be painted but Michael is going to do that because we are using a special epoxy-marine paint and he is more familiar with using it than I am.

         Yay! the toilet is more buckets! In this photo you can see that I stained and polyurethaned
                    the floor so the toilet could be set. This is the stain color we will use on all the floors.

  I painted the doors in the bedroom too. Michael still has to set one more rosette above the closet door.

         Here is the door leading to the bedroom. Rosettes still have to be added above this door as well.
                                                 The door on the right leads to the bathroom.

                                    Michael polyurethaned the bedroom closet floor to test the color.
                             The slant in the background will be veneered and used as a shoe rack.

Have a beautiful Sunday! 
I'll be painting away but I must take a walk in the meadow first, as it is a NO hunting day today and I want to take full advantage.

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