Monday, July 23, 2012

Well Wishes.....

While searching for the perfect home, one of the top priorities on my wish list was to find a property that had a dug well and also a drilled one. I really wanted to have a hand pump or bucket pull. There were a couple of reasons for this; one was because I liked the romantic notion of it and two was because of my overwhelming sense to become as self-sufficient as possible.


Last year, when I first stumbled upon this land, I discovered an odd shaped cement structure and thought it must be an old flagpole base.    

The property actually has two drilled wells so I figured one could be tapped for a hand pump. 

I contacted the well drillers to find out why there were two wells and they told me one kept drying up so they had to drill again. The newer one is 245 feet deep and very productive. 

 I also spoke with the local historian, who happened to live on the property next door when he was a boy. He told me there used to be a dug well on my land but didn't know where it was. Michael and I were very intrigued and decided to investigate the mysterious "flagpole base". When we finally brushed all the dirt away from the cement, Michael could tell the upper lid was separate and could be shifted over. 

He couldn't resist.  

With the help of young Michael, the ancient tomb,  for that is what it felt like, was opened! 

We couldn't believe our eyes. There below us was the most beautifully crafted well we had ever seen.
And 12 feet below was water! 

I am in awe at how wells were constructed so many years ago. Imagine hand digging something this deep then standing down there in such a narrow, dark, wet space and fitting the stones so perfectly.
 It is a work of art.

                                                          Inspecting the well with a flashlight

                         We covered it back up until we can construct a safe, stone well-house around it! 
     This was probably the stepping stone to the well from where, many a bucketful of water was pulled.


Painting is "At The Well" by Daniel Ridgway KnightFound on: 

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