Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Bathroom Mess

Over the weekend we were able to accomplish so much, that I barely know where to begin. We stripped and waterproofed the rest of the roof, tore out the ceiling and walls in the master bedroom, tore out the wall and tub in the bathroom, purchased all our windows, doors and paint and even started painting the siding of the house. We also managed to fit in a dinner party at the lake and a town auction and BBQ. Needless to say we're exhausted but we have a deadline to meet and if the house must be done by autumn, then plug on we must!

A lot of folks have been asking me to talk a little more about the interior of the house so I guess I'll start there... and the bathroom is as good a place as any. 

    This is what the bathroom looked like when I first bought the cottage

                                                               Bubble bath anyone?
                  You can see the rust along the sides of the tub. There is a lot of iron in the water. 
                                          We will have to install a very good filtration system.

In my design, I wanted to have enough room for a double sink and lots of storage. In order to do that, we decided to enlarge the bathroom by cutting into the closet in the small bedroom that backed up to the bathroom.

                    This was the closet in the small bedroom. The bathroom is just behind that closet wall.

So, first things first, the tub had to come out.

When Michael cut away the back panel of the vinyl tub, we discovered that there was no insulation.    Hmmm...I guess the plumber was in a hurry to get the tub in.

We were in a hurry to get it out! 

It's out now!

Next came the closet wall...

With the wall gone, you can see right into the small bedroom (which is now part of the new master bedroom). 

The outside opening you see in this photo will eventually become the patio door in the master bedroom but for now it's our "doorway to the dumpster". 

This is a shot looking from the bathroom to the master bedroom. The open wall will soon be closed up and the bath tub will be repositioned on that wall along with a built-in 
cupboard for storage. 

                                                And voila! A much more spacious bathroom.

The design calls for lots of light in the bathroom but that will come from a large skylight in the ceiling.
           A double sink vanity will remain on the same wall where the sink is now and the toilet will be    
                          shifted down to the end, with a wall separating the vanity from the toilet.

Just so I don't leave you with thoughts of a bathroom mess, look at the beautiful salmon colored Phlox and pink Echinacea I found blooming on the property this weekend. Stunning!

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