Friday, March 14, 2014

Memories of Months Gone By.....Part 3

Well, it's Friday March 14th and in two days I shall be celebrating my 53rd birthday! 
I'm still alive and other than a very rough bout of chemo therapy every two weeks, I feel good! A lot of my hair has fallen out and I am fairly weak, pale and forgetting words but hopefully as the brain tumor shrinks, I will need less chemo and be able to grow stronger and more energetic. 
When I had my chemo session this Tuesday, a fabulous nurse named Kim Ripley Legace surprised me with a birthday cake, ladybug pin and a silver-spoon charm as gifts! Thank you so much "Angel" Kim. 

☝This is me on Monday morning and this is me the very next day with the Birthday cake.☝  
When I came home after chemo, all I could do was lie down on the bed. I was only able to look outside the window and reminisce of warmer days gone by. Thinking of how beautiful the yard had looked before all the snow covered everything, I started to remember my daughter Bekah and my friends Libby Simon, Carolyn May and Marianne Smith. They had visited my house a few weeks after the big work event (which I wrote about in the last post) to finish up the stone walls in the front yard.       

Here is Carolyn, Libby and Bekah as they lay the flat stones on the wall top.

Because I did not have enough flat rocks to finish the stone wall top, I decided to use the rocks from the path. By using those stones, it helped to insure a safe and smooth walkway and it perfected the wall.

The side front garden was then dug up and rounded with big boulders.

Here is one of the giant boulders used to form a garden rim. 

(L~R)  Carolyn, Marianne, Libby and Bekah after a full day of digging and building.

Thank you beautiful Bekah and my dear Angel friends.
You have helped to make my house a loving home! 

        After the stone wall was finished and the side garden rounded, I began planting roses, ornamental grasses and many different flowers.

This is my wonderful daughter Bekah with me last July! 

Hopefully I'll be back to a healthier looking self this summer. I certainly am surrounded by lots of wonderful Angels!

March 17th

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