Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Finally Back Again....

An early February day showered fresh, falling snow upon the meadow, while the wild turkeys hid in and under the trees. I sat beside the fire inside my cozy cottage and began to, once again, write in my Blog.

 It has been quite a few months trying to figure out how to get back into my Blog account. I guess the account setup changed, unbeknownst to me. My brain has also had difficulty remembering words or reading, due to the radiation damage. I exercise my brain each day, to strengthen and heal it. The Glioblastoma tumor still exists in my head but continual chemo treatments help to slow and perhaps even eliminate the tumor. It has now been ten months and I am still here and feeling much like my old self again!

When I was at the Duke MRI Center in Durham, North Carolina last week, I met a beautiful woman named Letha. She is just a few years older than me and she too has... Glioblastoma! However, Letha is finally tumor free after two years of her trial chemo treatments! She is a believer in hope, prayers and miracles and was searching for another "Glio Gal." During an unexpected encounter, we met each other and became friends! She was a joy to talk with and an inspiration. She gave me a "rubber ducky" as her happy, good luck charm! I am so glad she and I know each other now.

                                                                          Deborah Newman

 I also found another new friend...a "Glio Guy" named Peter. He was casually standing in line at an airport several weeks ago. My traveling brother in-law, standing beside him, casually introduced himself to Peter and discovered that, like me, he also has Glioblastoma! My shocked brother in-law gave him my email address and now Pete and I have been communicating ever since. Not only that, but we discovered that we have the same doctor, the same chemo, the same State in which we grew up and are the same age!  I believe these "Unexpected Encounters" are often "Amazing Miracles!                        
                                                  I am so very grateful and blessed.
                          Someday soon I will share the most "Amazing Miracle" in my life yet!!

                                                             Beauty after the big storm!


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