Monday, September 17, 2012

Adding More Beams

This past week, Michael finished the task of getting all the beams in place throughout the cottage. Unlike the bedroom, where we used 6x6 beams suspended from the new cathedral ceilings, we chose to use smaller 4x6 rough-cut spruce beams in the living room and kitchen. These beams were cut into the sheetrock ceilings in order to appear authentic. They are less likely to pull away from the sheetrock and cause gaps. We decided to keep the ceilings at the original height in this area instead of creating cathedral ceilings. This will help conserve heat, especially since the main source of heat which is our gas fireplace, will be located in the living room. 

This is what the beams look like in the living room. (The fireplace will be on the left wall)

                                                And this is what they look like in the kitchen

We are trying to decide which is the best way of treating the beams. Should we use a stain to make them a little darker or a bleaching oil to give them a weathered look? Originally I wanted to whitewash them but now I am not sure. We definitely want them to look old and weathered but not too dark and heavy. I will keep you posted on our final decision.

We also got the bathtub last week and put that in place. Nothing fancy, just a simple tub. We just don't have the space to have a tub and a separate shower. We are planning on building a lovely outside shower in the private bedroom garden next year and a shower in the basement bathroom. As you can see in the photo below, there are two walls at the end of the room. The one on the left will have a built- in cupboard behind it and the one on the right will separate the vanity from the toilet.

                       The bathroom (The vanity will be located directly across from the bathtub) 

By taking out the low ceilings in the master bedroom and building cathedral ceilings, we were able to create a loft space which will give us 12 useable feet of attic storage space. Michael built the frame for a  small door we are going to make out of old barn boards. The weathered ladder I found in the woods last week will lead up to this door.

                                       The doorway to the loft space in the master bedroom

If you turn to the opposite wall from the loft space in the bedroom, you can see the upper window we installed. We decided to install a horizontal beam under the window and vertical trusses on each side, thus continuing the rustic barn look. It draws your eye up when you first enter the room. I think it will be stunning when the sheetrock is installed around it on the wall. Tongue and groove boards are going to cover the ceiling instead of sheetrock.

                                           The beams on the back wall of the master bedroom  

           So much more to come in the next few days. Until then, enjoy your Monday!

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