Friday, July 27, 2012

The Big Change

At 7:00 AM sharp, on Wednesday morning, the men began setting up staging at the front of the house.
The lumber yard then delivered all the roof shingles and wood necessary for the new roof, and the work began. Luckily Michael had the boom truck set all the shingles on the roof, so no one had to carry the heavy bundles up the ladder.

We decided we wanted to build a false dormer and overhang on the roof so of course it had to be built before the roof could be shingled. The structure will offer a little more charm and a break-up to the flat roof. It will also give us a decent overhang above the front door.

     This photo was taken on Tuesday while we checked the height of the peak we wanted. 

Lots of math and planning went into this project, although no blueprint was used.

                                                                I painted the trim boards.

                                          And up it went! (Young Michael took these two shots).

      I had to leave to pick up supplies and choose a skylight. When I returned a few hours later,
        this is what greeted me! I couldn't believe how much the two Michael's had accomplished.

As you can see, the overhang is not directly over the front door. That is because we are shifting the front door to the left, where it will be directly under the overhang. 

We didn't move the bushes before putting up the staging because they are eventually going to be moved to the side of the house (on the left). That side needs to have three windows installed and they would just be in the way. They are protected by the staging now. After the install, I will dig them up and transplant them. They are beautiful Rhododendrons.

                                                Michael didn't want to stop working soooo.....
                                We went to the kitchen and pulled out the last remaining cupboards!

                     The half-wall comes out today and the new skylight goes in the bathroom!
                                                                     I'll keep you posted.

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